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See What FutureBook Yearbooks Can Do For You!

FutureBook Yearbooks has reengineered the yearbook – and the yearbook industry

No comparison between their prints and the competition

In my 10 years as high school yearbook advisor, I have never worked with a company that has provided me with the service, quality and pricing that FutureBook has delivered.

Mark Zarate, Adviser, Olympia High School

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I wish I switched to FutureBook sooner

I was once skeptic of FutureBook’s offerings; they seemed too good to be true and I figured there would be hitches, so I held off making a switch. Well in to my second year with FutureBook, I wish I had come aboard sooner and I can confidently say there are no reasons to terminate our relationship.

Nigel Reedman, Advisor, Vancouver Technical School

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It has been refreshing to have this much artistic license

It has been refreshing to work with FutureBook, as they have been game to try anything new we came up with. For all ideas we have had so far, in most cases the ideas were executed with a minimal difference in cost. We have made square books, landscape books, included fold-outs, onionskins, and started printing on the back of the end sheets and both sides of the slipcover. It has been refreshing to have this much artistic license, and the final product has always been impressive.

Rainer Mehl, Advisor, Kitsilano Secondary

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Pleased with the degree of personalization

We have been very pleased with your service and especially the degree of personalization that you offer to our staff and students.  The tree-planting program for each book we ordered was extremely well received, especially by the students at Senior School and the environmental stewardship committee.

Adrienne Davidson, St. George’s School

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