6 of the Best Celebrity Commencement Speeches

You are graduating high school! If not now, then one day. Perhaps you have a valedictorian speech to make. Or you have a whole new life for which to plan. Or, you’re already a graduate and you could use a nudge, a kick to the bum, a wake-up call that will inspire you to hit the snooze button in the morning only twice instead of five times.

We have just the thing. We’ve collected some of the best celebrity commencement speeches around. So, grab some popcorn and a notepad and pencil.

1. Jim Carrey. Who, besides Jenny McCarthy would have thought that Jim Carrey would say some of the wisest words ever about choosing to take risks and how to decide what you should do with your life? This video is short and the best part is at the very end.

Jim Carrey Commencement Speech

2. Sandra Bullock’s advice about playing loud music before leaving the house for the day is good advice, but it’s also the least of her speech. No, the part about nose-picking was probably the least of her speech. The rest is worth listening to.

Sandra Bullock’s Commencement Speech

3. Amy Pohler. Most of her speech is silly joking but this video starts at some really important, practical advice for everyone.

Amy Pohler’s Harvard Commencement Speech

4. J.K. Rowling’s whole speech is excellent, but her words about poverty and empathy are noteworthy, uncommonly said, and worth waiting for.

J.K. Rowling’s Harvard Commencement Speech

5. Steve Jobs’s speech is told through three compelling stories which teach that you can only plan so much and that if you’re open to change and experimentation, you can learn some of the best lessons for your life.

Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Speech

6. Sheryl Sandberg never gives average commencement addresses. Hers are highly relevant to anyone wanting success in the workforce or wanting to know to plan their life.

Sheryl Sandberg’s City of Colleges Chicago Commencement Speech

Wasn’t that inspiring? Happy summer and life planning wishes to you all!

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