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Training and support is extensive and relevant. Our team is passionate about making your ideas become reality, and we are with you every step of the way.

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Amazing Customer Support

For many yearbook staffers, Adobe Creative Cloud is the preferred software. We can also provide an all-encompassing online software tool to build and manage your book. Or perhaps you’re looking for a creative team to take your vision and produce a book for you? Our StudioBook allows for complete in-house creation, based on your content. No matter your software and team involvement, we meet with you and your team virtually or in person on a consistent basis.

Informative And Caring Service

We are at your mercy. Honestly! A yearbook is best created as a team effort, and we are part of your team. Whether we work with you in person or remotely, we are available as you need us. Not simply to say hello, provide a pat on the back or even feed you with donuts.

We are here to empower and train your team. To support the choice of team staffing so that your best assets can be maximized. To establish goals, planning needs and a vision board of ideas. We offer a guided curriculum, online resources, and comprehensive workshops throughout the year.

Given the opportunity, your students will amaze all of us with their creative talents, desire to learn, and independent thinking. We look forward to witnessing their pride as their accomplishments soar.

A Few Great Reviews From Our Clients & Team

Sammy Lau
Sammy Lau
Yearbook Editor - Britannia Secondary
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I have had an exceptional experience working with FutureBook Yearbooks. They have made the yearbook production easier, more efficient and definitely less stressful. We were able to produce a higher quality yearbook at a lower cost to the students. I strongly recommend FutureBook Yearbooks as your publisher.
John McCullough
John McCullough
Principal - Pinetree Secondary
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We are extremely happy with FutureBook’s product, service and pricing. We continue to renew our agreement with FutureBook as they keep providing us with excellent service, a great product and the best price. I would recommend any school to consider switching to FutureBook yearbooks for their high-quality product and cost savings which we have added to our technology budget to support the yearbook program.
Advisor - Magee Secondary
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It is a pleasure to work with FutureBook Yearbooks for our school annual. FutureBook is clearly a team of passionate and caring professionals who are veterans in their field. I can see why it is that our school signed up with them when FutureBook started and why it is that we will continue to work with them. FutureBook is a reliable partner in our yearly school annual publication adventure. They deliver proofs, materials and quotes on time and on budget. They are a pleasure to work with and come highly recommended.

No Hidden Fees - We Are Always Upfront & Honest

When you request a quote, or pricing on an option or upgrade, we will give you the complete price. That’s it. No final upgrade charges. No extra rep charges. No unknown or hidden costs. And, most critical, no adjustment from the original quote. Our pricing always includes shipping charges. Compare your final invoice to the quote received, and with us, it will match up when your specifications and features stay the same. When you request any change to your yearbook, we will always review your budget first, before any adjustments are approved.

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