FutureBook Yearbooks’ 5th Anniversary!


As we look down the path that has led us here, we are truly humbled by the support our friends and family of schools have shown us. We have grown exponentially – not only from our beginnings in BC, but throughout North America.

To understand the impact we have had in our home territory alone, witness how your peers have allowed FutureBook to provide for our community:

  • $27,889 Received by charities throughout the world
  • $62,283 Provided to students as scholarships for post-secondary training
  • $160,507 Provided directly to yearbook classes for technology and photography upgrades

We would like to provide further support by partnering with your school. Keep in mind the figures represented above are in addition to any savings FutureBook may provide in comparison to your current publisher!

Tell Us Why You Love Your FutureBook Yearbook for a Chance to Win!

As a way to acknowledge this milestone we want to hear your stories! Why you love your yearbook, what it represents to you, what memories it helps you to recall, what your favorite yearbook section/page is, what your favorite yearbook cover is, or anything you want to share about your yearbook!

Submit Your Stories To: dana@futurebookyearbooks.com

*Everyone who writes in will automatically be entered into a draw for a $100 Starbucks gift card. If your words land anywhere they will be seen by eyes other than ours (hint: our website, Facebook, brochures, etc.) you will receive a $10 gift card automatically!

Contest Deadline:

*Please submit your yearbook story/experience to dana@futurebookyearbooks.com by July 1st, 2012 to be eligible. This contest is open to all individuals who have memories to share about their yearbook – students, advisors, administrators and parents are all welcome to contribute!

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