5 Fun Tips To Inspire Student Yearbook Participation

student yearbook participation tips

Yearbook planning is a long process requiring team members to be well organized and also be flexible and open to changing dynamics. When capturing the collective consciousness of a class over an entire year, obtaining an accurate representation of the student body isn’t always easy.

If the same names and faces keep appearing in your yearbook’s content, it’s probably time to seek more support and participation from the student body. Not only will this give the final product a more authentic perspective of the year, but it’s also an excellent excuse to have fun!

Try some of our following ideas to encourage greater participation from pupils in your school yearbook.

1. Themed Class Photos 

Group photos are a great way to include school students in the annual yearbook, especially to snap images of those who shy away from the spotlight. While formal class photos by professional school photographers are great to include in a yearbook, they don’t always capture the personality and character of a group. 

Candid shots that encourage students to show off their unique charms are a great way to include numerous faces and personalities at once. Adding themes to the photoshoot will enrich your school yearbook; these images can incorporate the theme chosen by the editorial team for the given year. 

Try arranging class photos a few times throughout the school year to guarantee higher student coverage and to see how everyone changes from September to June. Some simple ideas for themed class photos can be:

  • Your yearbook theme
  • Holidays or special occasions
  • Top movies or other pop-culture trends
  • Dress like your favorite book character

2. Support School Spirit

Bring everyone together, get great shots for the yearbook, and boost support for your school’s teams with “show school spirit” days. Encourage classmates to wear school gear, dress up in team colours, and be prepared to share their school pride.

Not only will school spirit events improve the yearbook’s student coverage, but it will also boost school morale. Try hosting spirit activities at times when morale will easy to rev up, like at your team’s home game, during grad season, or during student elections.

Want to offer your graduating students something to commemorate their achievements? Learn more here.

3. Get Candid with Photo Booths

Who doesn’t love fun pics with cool props? Maximum student coverage is more natural and enjoyable with an activity that draws in participants, like a photo booth, for example. A photo booth stocked with themed props can yield amazing candid shots to help your yearbook content shine.

themed props for photobooth event

Set up photo booths in areas with heavy foot traffic to encourage maximum participation, like the cafeteria or the school’s main entrance. Focus on operating the station when passersby have time to stop and check it out, not when they’re in a rush to get to class. Consider times that are a bit more relaxed, like at lunch, the end of the school day, or during school events. 

Not sure how to pick a theme for your photo booth? Rely on ideas that appeal to your classmates. Consider what’s trending in your school and in pop-culture, and let those images inspire you. Or, keep it consistent and use ideas that complement your yearbook’s overall theme.

4. Participation Incentives

A sure-fire way to get maximum participation from your class is to offer incentives – prizes go a long way in getting a group’s full attention! Rewards don’t have to be lavish to gain cooperative attendees: keep them simple, and rely on your creativity to come up with a sought after prize. See some easy and practical examples below.

Principal for a day

With support from staff and faculty, arrange a draw prize where the winner gets to be the acting principal for a day! Students can enter their names for each yearbook activity they participate in. After all the events are finished, the winner’s name is drawn.

Free Yearbook

Offer the opportunity for students and faculty to win a free yearbook for participating in yearbook committee events. Who wouldn’t want to get an extraordinary quality collection of their memories at no cost?


Connect with local businesses that support your yearbook. Ask them to donate coupons or gift cards your team can hand out as a special thanks to yearbook contributors.

5. Balance Quality with Quantity

Successful yearbooks accurately reflect the collective experience of those being portrayed on the pages. While everyone’s journey through the school year is as unique as the individual experiencing it, there are moments and events each individual can connect on.

At FutureBook Yearbooks, we feel the best collections of a school year are achieved when quality images, quotes, and content is in harmony with the quantity of included content. For a printing company that will help your yearbook team create the best product you can while helping to support our planet, contact our team.

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