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fork in the railroad
FutureBook took a different path.

FutureBook started with a clear premise: to enhance a declining yearbook industry by providing you with a beautiful, high quality yearbook and personal service, all at an affordable price point. Many companies have been supplying schools with a printed memento of their student activities for generations. In North America, the yearbook has been a strong tradition for over 150 years.

The problem was that yearbook companies were relying on this tradition to stand the test of time. Instead, technologies and globalization have given us new ideas, new habits, and new desires. Some companies in the industry have grown so large that they have little ability to adjust to the needs of their students and advisors.

Founding partners, the father and daughter team of Reid and Dana Felske, saw the lack of innovation, the substandard quality and the frustrations of yearbook staffers who faced hard deadlines and very tight budgets. They teamed up with an ethical, established printing plant in Shenzhen and endeavoured to provide you with the best yearbook package available.

Prior to FutureBook, too many yearbooks were delivering well above cost. Too many students noticed that their school textbooks were better quality than their yearbooks. Too many advisors were frustrated with declining sales and higher pricing.


Father + Daughter team: Reid and Dana Felske

Unparalleled yearbook quality, customizable to your dreams.

And so… the FutureBook yearbook was born. We tailored our standard yearbook to the request of staff and schools across the continent. We built in the features that were most desired, and cut down on the cost of extra upgrades and unnecessary penalties.

This was our dream when we started in Vancouver, BC, in 2007; and today we are proud to say that not only does our customer base continue to grow across the continent, our team of passionate and supportive representatives does as well. Each one of our reps – the individuals who work directly with you at your school – are enthusiastic, forward-thinking and resourceful. Each one of us wants to see your creativity flourish, to see your students’ school days represented in the most thoughtful and beautiful way.

We are...

An Extension of Your Team.

We empower students and advisors alike through our dedicated training and support system, with a robust curriculum, consistent and reliable communication, and a strong, experienced team.

We are in the classroom engaging the students in theme and design development discussions at the start of the season. We show your team how to capture the moment, in both photography and journalism. We train and educate in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. We work as a team to review proofs, motivate staff and negotiate deadlines. We are at the computers with you to finalize content and perfect the details.

All in all...

We make the entire yearbook development process easy & fun!

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