Informative and caring service


We are at your mercy. Honestly! A yearbook is best created as a team effort, and we are part of your team. Whether we work with you in person or remotely, we are available as you need us. Not simply to say hello, provide a pat on the back or even feed you with donuts. We are here to empower and train your team. To support the choice of team staffing so that your best assets can be maximized. To establish goals, planning needs and a vision board of ideas. We offer a guided curriculum, online resources, and comprehensive workshops throughout the year.

“The FutureBook representatives I have worked with are very supportive, friendly and knowledgeable. Having them readily available has made taking on this role much more manageable, and I’m not sure I could have done it without their support.”
Jessica Bennet, North Delta Secondary


We believe that a supported and skilled team will create an exceptional yearbook. We step back to let you create your book, but we ensure you have the tools and guidance to do so. We understand that for many students, yearbook is just the start of a creative and design-based journey. Particularly if the students work with the Adobe suite – the industry standard – yearbook will propel them to the next level. We’d like to help you all get there. We also provide access to online publishing software, if this is your preference. Some of our schools prefer to work with software more aligned to their needs, such as Scribus. Whichever platform you choose to create your book on, we will provide you with the training and tools necessary.

“Kevin and FutureBook Yearbooks are, to coin a phrase, a veritable font of wisdom and experience when it comes to all things related to yearbook publications. The FutureBook team is not only responsive to our needs and concerns, keeping us ‘in the loop’ when it comes to the actual print run but also in the planning stages throughout the year. FutureBook is clearly a team of passionate and caring professionals who are veterans in their field.”
DB, Magee Secondary yearbook advisor

Given the opportunity, your students will amaze all of us with their creative talents, desire to learn, and independent thinking. We look forward to witnessing their pride as their accomplishments soar.

“Kevin has challenged both me and the yearbook class to be better.”
Stuart Fraser, Penticton Secondary

“Dori, thank you so much for all you do for us! You are helping us make history.” Jeannette Germany, Van High

“I could not have been more fortunate in having Dana to be my mentor. Her keen knowledge, innovative ideas and excellent rapport with the students made the transition into this position a smooth and less stressful one.”
Patrick Cheater, Hatzic Secondary

FutureBook has the industry-best proofing system


Do you want a yearbook with correct spelling, complete student inclusion, correct pagination and images that are sharp and relevant? Well, we all know a perfect yearbook is almost impossible to be found. But FutureBook can take you closer to this goal than any other publisher.

Know with confidence that your yearbook is as complete, accurate and error-free as you intended it. With FutureBook Yearbooks’ ProofBook, you can preview your yearbook – bound and covered exactly as it will be delivered to students – and still make changes before it goes to press. Some of our customers have even stated that FutureBook’s ProofBook alone is worth changing printers for.

“One of the most helpful things that FutureBook provided was a complete bound book of the yearbook in digital color within two weeks of submitting our last pages. This made it easier for several people to proofread and make corrections before the yearbook was printed.”
David Richardson, Williams Lake Secondary

Consider the benefits and flexibility that a finished, high-quality ProofBook offers:

  • Review the layout and design in the context of a finished book
  • Correct errors missed on paper or online proofs
  • Replace low-quality or repeat photographs
  • Include students who were accidentally left out
  • Move or reorder pages
  • Insert sport and Senior events that have taken place since reviewing loose-page proofs

Throughout your production year, you will also receive hard copy paper proofs of your submissions.

In an ideal world each submission would be a final, completely edited submission, it can be pretty tough to ensure your pages are ready for final printing before you have a chance to review the proofs. Therefore, resubmissions are also free of charge!

Integrity Pricing


When you request a quote, or pricing on an option or upgrade, we will give you the complete price. That’s it. No final upgrade charges. No extra rep charges. No unknown or hidden costs. And, most critical, no adjustment from the original quote. Our pricing always includes shipping charges. Compare your final invoice to the quote received, and with us, it will match up when your specifications and features stay the same. When you request any change to your yearbook, we will always review your budget first, before any adjustments are approved.

To top it all off, we are likely to be less than other major publishers. How can we accomplish this?

  • Our pricing matches the true cost of printing; we are fair and responsible
  • We are a smaller, family-owned company with limited overhead; for example, we all work out of our homes, so you are not supporting large office buildings with the associated costs
  • We are self-funded, meaning we are not beholden to investors to scale up profits
  • We print in Shenzhen, China, birthplace of some of the most impressive and beautiful books in the world. We print in regulated, ethical facilities; the employees are university educated, experienced and are provided with working conditions that rival those in North America. The staff work proper hours and are among the highest paid in their field. How are we so sure? We visit regularly, and perform checks against standards in both China and North America. Read an account here from a teacher who had the opportunity to tour our printing plant.

“FutureBook came through on everything they promised, including the 25% discount from my previous year’s book with [another publisher]. The books arrived in boxes of six, wrapped in plastic, with beautiful (free) dust jackets – perfect. I was relieved, as well as proud of my decision. The students and staff thought it was the best book ever.”
Jeff Brandenburg, Burlington Edison High School


“Let me assure you that FutureBook is able to provide a high quality product at a price that works with the reality of educational budgets. The exceptional value of publishing with FutureBook allows us to explore all sorts of unique book options, creating yearbooks that students are consistently excited about, without needing to increase the cost to the students.”
Nigel Reedman, Vancouver Technical School

“I would like to thank FutureBook Yearbooks for preventing the Williams Lake Secondary yearbook from disappearing. The economics of the yearbook for a small school of 700 make it difficult if not impossible to break even without subsidy. FutureBook has allowed us to make the yearbook a financially viable operation while at the same time, substantially improving the quality. The whole package was almost $10.00 a book cheaper than previous yearbooks.”
David Richardson, Williams Lake Secondary

99.98% on-time delivery rating. That’s more accurate than the average Starbucks order!


Your yearbook is highly anticipated by many; we understand the importance of delivering your order on time. We understand the impact on you and your team, your students and the entire community when your product delivers late. With FutureBook, it will not. If you work with us to meet your final deadline, we will work with you to ensure your promised delivery date is met. (And certainly, when you’re having troubles meeting your final deadline, we’ll be with you to help see you through!)

More than 60% of our schools receive their yearbook order at least a week early, every year! If your yearbooks fall behind through no fault of your own, we will do all we can to expedite your books in a satisfactory timeline. Our most recent spring shipment saw a 99.98% delivery rate, based on schools that submitted their final pages and approval on time. The remaining 0.02% of schools saw their orders arrive within 5 days of their requested delivery date. We have yet to find another publisher who can match this level of success!

The industry saw a book. We saw an opportunity.


FutureBook started with a clear premise: to enhance a declining yearbook industry by providing you with a beautiful, high quality yearbook and relevant, personal service, all at an affordable price point. Many companies have been supplying schools with a printed memento of their student activities for generations. In North America, the yearbook has been a strong tradition for over 150 years. Some companies have been in business this long!

The problem is that other companies were relying on this tradition to stand the test of time. Instead, technologies and globalization have given us new ideas, new habits, and new desires. Some companies in the industry have grown so large that they have little ability to adjust to the needs of their students and advisors.

Founding partners, the father and daughter team of Reid and Dana Felske, saw the lack of innovation, the substandard quality and the frustrations of yearbook staffers who faced hard deadlines and very tight budgets. They teamed up with an ethical, established printing plant in Shenzhen and endeavoured to provide you with the best yearbook package available. Prior to FutureBook, too many yearbooks were delivering well above cost. Too many students noticed that their school textbooks were better quality than their yearbooks. Too many advisors were frustrated with declining sales and higher pricing.

And so the FutureBook yearbook was born. We tailored our standard yearbook to the request of staff and schools across the continent. We built in the features that were most desired, and cut down on the cost of extra upgrades and unnecessary penalties.


This was our dream when we started in Vancouver, BC, in 2007 and today, we are proud to say that not only does our customer base continue to grow into six different countries, but our team of passionate and supportive representatives does as well. Each one of our reps – the individuals who work directly with you at your school – are enthusiastic, forward-thinking and resourceful. Each one of us wants to see your creativity flourish, to see your students’ school days represented in the most thoughtful and beautiful way.

We do this by empowering students and advisors alike through our dedicated training and support system, with a robust curriculum, consistent and reliable communication and a strong, experienced team. We are in the classroom engaging the students in theme and design development discussions at the start of the season. We show your team how to capture the moment, in both photography and journalism. We train and educate in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. We work as a team to review proofs, motivate staff and negotiate deadlines. We are at the computers with you to finalize content and perfect the details.


Each one of us has yearbook in our blood. Our president, Reid Felske, worked with one of the largest yearbook providers for over 25 years, creating and developing new territories along the way. Vice President and Reid’s daughter, Dana, has been editor, staff member and founder of various high school and university publications, and has taught at the university level. All of our team has either worked with other publishers, trained and worked as photographers, worked on their school yearbooks or taught at the high school level. Yearbook sweats out of our pores.

Don’t be fooled though, we occasionally find ourselves living away from the yearbook world. Creativity, design and skill development are integral to each of our daily lives, but we also thrive in exploration, magic, dancing, puppy cuddles and hikes, the wonder of a child’s eye, giving back, improvising, competing, sharing laughter with family, and of course, in coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee… with maybe an extra spoonful of sugar or two!

Real experiences from extraordinary yearbook teams

No comparison between their prints and the competition


In my 10 years as high school yearbook advisor, I have never worked with a company that has provided me with the service, quality and pricing that FutureBook has delivered.
Mark Zarate, Adviser, Olympia High School

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FutureBook Yearbooks will bundle Tinkerine’s award-winning Ditto™Pro 3D printer as part of its North American educational institutional offerings

VANCOUVER, Feb. 23, 2015 /CNW/ – Tinkerine™ Studios Ltd. (TSXV: TTD and OTC Pink: TKSTF), Canada’s leading manufacturer of desktop 3D printers and 3D printing educational content, today announced a partnership with FutureBook Yearbooks, North America’s fastest growing yearbook printing and publishing company. Tinkerine’s Ditto™Pro will become a feature item in Futurebook Yearbook’s Awards Program offering to educational institutions. The Awards Program gives educational institutions an allowance to purchase classroom technology, which will now include 3D printers.

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