Unlimited trim sizes and formats

How often do you adjust your layout style? How often do you rearrange your ladder diagram? Do you consider photography with multiple cameras, lenses and settings? You’re probably already rolling your eyes, right? These changes happen all the time! We believe your yearbook company should match your need to adjustable, flexible and responsive.

FutureBook Yearbook’s standard offering is ready for you to leap forward with. Has your school created a Size 7 or 8 book since the beginning of time? Perhaps going up to a Size 9 was cost-prohibitive before. Today, with FutureBook, it’s easily within your reach. Or maybe you would like to adjust your layout to a style that’s more reminiscent of an art book: landscape formats provide a wonderful change! Of course, what company would mention flexibility without offering square, mini or ginormous-sized yearbooks? We do – and have printed – all of the above. Even rounded corners are a possibility. Today, we see up to 40% of our schools printing ‘non-standard’ yearbooks. Why? Because they finally can, with FutureBook!

Your cover does define your book – make it stand apart!

FutureBook’s standard cover is 150pt cover board, full color, with a full gloss or full matte lamination. This may suit you just fine, but perhaps your creativity is bursting at the seams. We can say yes to virtually every idea you can think of! And we promise the pricing will be affordable. See some of our more common upgrades: