Extraordinary Sustainability

Why FutureBook is your most sustainable choice

Protecting and enriching the environment – this is a job for everyone. Together with you, we are working to leave our planet better than we found it.

At FutureBook, our focus is to deliver exceptional yearbooks via ethically and environmentally optimal channels. An obvious concern in publishing is the amount of paper usage in the industry. We are taking an active approach to mitigate the loss of trees and biodiversity for this cause. To begin with, our standard yearbook offering comes printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Paper stock. In order to be FSC compliant, the materials must be harvested and manufactured in a sustainable manner, meeting the highest environmental and social standards. As well, our chosen paper stock is chlorine-free.

FutureBook’s laminations (for glossy covers and spot UV coatings, for example) and adhesives are water-based, and all FutureBook ink is vegetable-based. Some publishers still print with oil-based inks and dyes.

We use recycled cover board materials, plastics and cardboard shipping boxes. Our manufacturing facility follows a strict in-house recycling program, minimizing waste wherever possible.

We take our partnerships seriously, and want to make sure that our good intentions materialize into real action. And so, on your behalf, we plant one tree for every yearbook sold. Our trees are planted in partnership with Trees for the Future and create sustainable sources of crop shade, soil rehabilitation, food, windbreaks, medicine, erosion control, sustainable timber and more for these communities.


Since 1989, Trees for the Future (www.plant-trees.org) has been helping communities around the world plant trees. Through seed distribution, agroforestry training, and our country programs, we have empowered rural groups to restore tree cover to their lands. Planting trees protects the environment and helps to preserve traditional livelihoods and cultures for generations.

Lets get serious about making an impact

FutureBook is thrilled to announce that we can now offer you greater choice when it comes to enhancing the environment. Adding to the availability of recycled and hemp-based paper stocks, FutureBook is now your exclusive supplier of bamboo paper stock in your yearbook! Imagine, a tree-free yearbook, one that will last a lifetime, and will still feature your images and graphics in stunning detail, all while preserving the environment that much more. We are the only yearbook printing company to offer an alternative to virgin tree paper. You can decide if you would like to print your entire book with bamboo stock, or simply a signature.

Here are some great reasons to consider printing with FutureBook’s bamboo paper stock:

  • Bamboo paper’s carbon footprint is dramatically smaller than tree paper
  • Bamboo grows and is ready for harvesting much quicker than trees; it can be harvested in one to five years, and the stalks can be repeatedly harvested for 20-50 years.
  • More frequent harvests of bamboo provides for a larger job market and a healthier economy
  • The soil is not exposed to erosion after harvesting; the bamboo roots continue to live, protecting the ground
  • A grove of Bamboo absorbs four times as much carbon dioxide than a grove of trees and releases 35% more oxygen into the air
  • There is very little waste in a bamboo harvest, as virtually every part of the plant can be used to make everything from paper to furniture to flooring
  • No fertilizer or herbicides are needed to encourage growth. Unlike most tree crops, bamboo requires no agricultural chemicals to thrive, and bamboo is more resilient to insects, eliminating the need for pesticides.
  • The initial planting costs of bamboo is lower than trees
  • Widespread bamboo usage can encourage cultural cooperation. In a climate where wars are fought over resources, the increasing popularity of bamboo products provides an opportunity for diverse cultures to settle their differences through trade and cooperation that benefits everyone

We’ve been earth-friendly from the beginning, but now you can make an incredible impact with our tree-free bamboo paper stock. It’s our way of giving Mother Nature a giant hug.