The MovieBook - Play Movies in your Yearbook

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With FutureBook, Your Yearbook Will Literally Talk To You

The MovieBook is a traditional (at least to FutureBook’s standards) yearbook with a screen and soundboard built right into your yearbook. That’s right, your yearbook has all the texture and pages you rely on, but it also has a video component included. Three different channels will bring your year of memories to life.

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Incorporate your video player into your front cover, endsheet or GradBox

Build your yearbook the way you want and feature your video content in an area best suited to your style and purpose. Allow your students to watch their videos right from the front cover, summarizing the year on the back endsheet, or make it a feature for seniors only, embedded into the cover of the GradBox.

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3 Channels & 1GB of Storage Included!

FutureBook’s exclusive MovieBook comes standard with 1 GB of storage on a micro SD card, three unique channels, stereo sound, a lithium rechargeable battery with cable and even a headphone port. Each channel can be up to 15 minutes in length, with the content created at the school.

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