Unsure of post-secondary options?

Yearbooks have been put to rest and are in delivery from your publisher, exams are being studied for and prom attire is being sought out. As a Grad finalizing your high school experiences, have you selected your post-secondary option? I know this is the dreaded question that plagues many students who are unsure of how to read through all the literature available regarding colleges and universities.

I recently came across this great new website that gives you tools to help you in this regard. ArtEdOptions.ca is intended to guide would-be post-secondary art and art-related students in identifying the best school for them. The site gives real-world advice on selecting schools and provides in-depth information on who teaches what among what seems to be most every school in Canada that offers a program in art or related fields.

There are so many resources available for students which would have been a life-saver for me back when I was in high school! I find the site concise and informative, and it’s presented in a simple and easy-to-read manner. If you’re a Grad unsure of where to study in art, or a counselor or teacher looking for further resources, take a look at ArtEdOptions.ca!

Happy searching, Dana

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