Why FutureBook?

Build with confidence

Your yearbook is meant to be with you forever. With FutureBook, we ensure your book will stand up to the challenge.

“We have just received the finest printed yearbook ever in the school’s history and we are already looking forward with excitement to the possibilities for next year’s book!” ~ Shelley Seip, Burnsview Secondary School

Why should FutureBook be your next yearbook provider?


  • Free proofs and resubmissions Perfection rarely hits on your first try. Review proofs and resubmit as needed, all free of charge. Confirm specifications just prior to printing, giving you greater flexibility.
  • So many options Creative freedom is yours. We have square and landscape formats, cover options like metal inlays and exquisite materials. Ask about the GradBox, a new exclusive standard for Seniors.
  • Tree-free bamboo paper stock We’ve been earth-friendly from the beginning, but now you can make an incredible environmental impact with our tree-free bamboo paper stock. It’s our way of giving Mother Nature a giant hug.
  • Affordable You’ll save money by printing with FutureBook. This, along with a higher quality book, will allow more students the chance to own a copy.


  • Complete ProofBook before printing Our exclusive covered and bound ProofBook adds peace of mind and an option to share your production with others before giving us the final OK to print. Avoid surprises!
  • Include a video player FutureBook’s MovieBook brings your memories to life, building a video player into the cover of your yearbook. Enjoy 30 minutes of dynamic, memorable content!
  • Amazing color and quality We have the best inks, dyes, paper and cover stocks. We make your designs pop! Our strong binding ensures your books will stand the test of time.
  • Reliable service and training Training and support is extensive and relevant. Our team is passionate about making your ideas become reality, and we are with you every step of the way.
  • Discounts on equipment Upgrade your yearbook program with Tinkerine 3-D printers, Canon camera equipment and more, through FutureBook’s exclusive partnerships.
  • Community minded We are a proud North American company that strengthens our economy and gives back to our schools and communities through scholarship programs and charitable initiatives.

FutureBook offers boutique quality and service at realistic price points. We’re here to provide you with a yearbook that will make you gush and squeal with delight as you turn every page. In truth, the students and staff members flipping through the yearbook are seeking themselves, their friends, and evidence of all the incredible, laughable, and embarrassing moments. The general student body shouldn’t even notice details such as ink saturation, paper thickness, cover texture and the color of the ribbon marker. But, they will:

“We did have one complaint this year from some students though… Our books were too heavy! And that is one great complaint to have! FutureBook’s pages are THICK…and beautiful. There is no comparison between their prints and the competition. The pages are absolutely amazing quality and the print is vibrant and gorgeous.” ~ Mark Zarate, Olympia High School

FutureBook is built for longevity. Your yearbook should be too. Let’s take your design and stories to the next level.

How do we ensure the success of your yearbook? Read further: