Yearbook Marketing Tips: Easy Ideas to Drive Last Minute Sales

Marketing is pivotal to the success of any yearbook. Yearbook marketing strategies are needed to inform students that it’s time to buy their yearbook and also to boost sales numbers. It probably goes without saying but, during the last days before submitting a final purchase order the need to drive yearbook sales is high. This is why an active marketing campaign for your yearbook is crucial in the final weeks before the order is due.

If promoting your yearbook hasn’t been a top priority, don’t worry. Last-minute sales campaigns can be very effective to generate last-minute sales. And today, we’re sharing easy marketing ideas that are perfect to drive that last-minute yearbook sales push!

Last-Minute Yearbook Marketing Tip #1: Enlist FOMO!

FOMO, or “Fear Of Missing Out” is a classic tactic advertisers and marketers have used for decades. FOMO marketing is effective and can strongly engage people’s emotions. Professional advertisers create FOMO by showcasing a desirable product and then attaching a sense of scarcity to it. Essentially, the campaign is created to impart the sense that if the customer doesn’t act now, they’ll lose out on a unique opportunity forever.

How to Use FOMO in Yearbook Marketing

Boost yearbook sales with the following FOMO marketing ideas:

  • Share current sales numbers.
    •  “Over half of your fellow classmates have secured their yearbook for this year! What’s stopping you? Numbers are limited, don’t miss your chance to own a piece of school history! Buy your yearbook today.”
  • Promote yearbook superlatives or quotes
    • “Who’s Most Likely to Become a Reality Star? Find Out in This Year’s Yearbook! Buy Now!”
    • “What Is the Principal’s Most Memorable Moment of the Year? Only Those With a Yearbook Will Find Out, Order Yours TODAY!”

Last-Minute Yearbook Marketing Tip #2: Get Social

Growing a yearbook’s visibility at the last minute before the presence of social media wasn’t as easy as it is today. Numerous online platforms can be utilized instantly to get the word out about yearbook sales. Social media platforms are also easy to use, affordable, and completely customizable.

Some ways to use social media for promoting your yearbook:

  • Create a short video for TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram.
  • Upload a few photos of completed yearbook pages.
  • Run a “free yearbook” contest.

How to Choose a Social Media Platform to Market Your Yearbook

To select the right social media platform that will help generate increased book sales, find out what platform is currently the most used among students at your school. Just as the clothes we buy are influenced by changing trends, so too are the social media platforms we use.

A social media platform may be popular one year but may not be the next. And, the popularity of a platform also changes across age demographics and locations. Be sure to ask students what platforms they use before committing precious time towards uploading content.

Last- Minute Yearbook Marketing Tip #3: Seek Outside Support

In the days and weeks leading up to your order deadline, enlist the help of your school’s administration, staff and volunteers. 

Connect with Teachers

Ask teachers to share a digital poster in their regular email communications with students. If learning is in-person, ask for the information to be shared in the daily announcements. For online learners, request the teacher inform students of the impending yearbook sale deadline during their virtual lesson.

Talk to Administrators

School administrators may be able to email students, staff, parents, and other potential customers with news about yearbook sales. Be sure to talk to them to see how they can help with your marketing efforts.

Reach Out to Parents!

The school’s parent advisory committee is a great resource yearbook committees should use for marketing. PAC’s can help spread the word about an upcoming yearbook sale to student’s parents and the school’s staff.

Talk to Your Yearbook Representative 

Regular collaborations with your professional yearbook representative can make creating and marketing an extraordinary yearbook that much easier. Be sure to reach out to your FutureBook representative for their guidance and expert tips. If your yearbook committee is looking for a publishing company that loves to help every step of the way, contact the team at FutureBook Yearbooks.

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