Chilliwack Middle School

Year: 2015

This book was created by a grade nine class. They chose the theme “On That Note” using a composition notebook as the basis for all the graphics and theme development. The cover included the school logo as a sticker, as well as some other stickers and doodles. The cover has rounded corners and an elastic band, just like a composition notebook students use. Each page, especially the divider pages, included doodles created by the students related to that topic or section. The page numbers were at the top right corners of the pages with a highlighter colour behind so you can see which section you’re in by the colour on the side of the pages. Pictures had a Polaroid style border, and were overlapping, with pieces of tape on some of the corners. The ideas was to make it look like a student had some pictures, taped them inside, and added their own doodles like students like to do in their classes when they should be taking notes. The book was well received and everyone loved it!

– Ada Koppejan, Advisor

5/5 from 100+ Schools

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