Vancouver Technical School

Year: 2014

For two high school editors of the small East Texas town of Van, creating a nationally recognized book was something of which dreams are made. But the 2014 Vandalite yearbook brought the nicest form of a reality check to its town. The 256-page book did the impossible. It merged the classic tradition of print with the ever-changing emergence of video in one publication. With the MovieBook on the front cover, the yearbook transformed the memories of the year into a video that students could watch over and over again. With the theme of “Yeah, that just happened,” the Vandalite covered the school year like never before. Not only was the yearbook a huge hit with the students and teachers, the staff were also featured on the local news. None of this would have been possible without the technology and amazing service FutureBook delivers!

– Jeanette Germany, Adviser

I was once skeptical of FutureBook’s offerings; they seemed too good to be true and I figured there would be hitches, so I held off making a switch. Well into my second year with FutureBook, I wish I had come aboard sooner and I can confidently say there are no reasons to terminate our relationship.

Nigel Reedman


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