Vancouver Technical School

Year: 2015

The ‘14/15 edition of the yearbook pulled out all the stops. The students decided to go with a mix of elegance and modernity in this book. The primary theme is Art Deco and pages were designed to follow a clean editorial look. Primarily white backgrounds with graphic line work, colour blocking and art deco patterns were used to keep the look consistent. The cover’s SVEPA material with contrasting debossing and gold foil stamping feels as good to the touch as it looks. The little touches like copper metallic ink in the grad section and printed onionskin overlays make the book outstanding. The student’s chose to feature a student (or a teacher) in each section of the book highlighting the achievements of the school’s community that many would not have otherwise known about.

Nigel Reedman, Advisor

I was once skeptical of FutureBook’s offerings; they seemed too good to be true and I figured there would be hitches, so I held off making a switch. Well into my second year with FutureBook, I wish I had come aboard sooner and I can confidently say there are no reasons to terminate our relationship.

Nigel Reedman


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