2013 Yearbook Workshop

FutureBook Yearbooks is pleased to announce that we will be hosting our fourth annual summer yearbook workshop this August 18-21 at St. Michaels University School in Victoria, BC. Over the four days, staff yearbook advisors and student editors alike will be fully immersed in all aspects of yearbook planning and production in a relaxed, informal setting. Topics that will be covered include: yearbook theme, staff organization, layout and design, digital imaging and photography. Participants will have the opportunity to compete for exciting prizes in our annual layout and design contest, and also enjoy some fun social activities in the evenings. So mark it on your calendar and join us in Victoria this August for four fun-filled instructional days that will help you “hit the ground running” with your yearbook in September. See you there!

For a registration form or more information, please contact Kevin, kevin@futurebookyearbooks.com


Registration is open for FutureBook’s 2012 Summer Workshop!

How would you like to stimulate your ideas for your 2013 yearbook? Are you just starting out with yearbook, or are looking to network and expand your existing knowledge? Register for FutureBook’s annual summer workshop today!

The 2012 FutureBook Summer Yearbook Workshop is a comprehensive, four-day seminar that will cover all aspects of yearbook planning and production. Participants will receive high quality training from industry professionals, and leave the workshop equipped with new computer skills, fresh ideas and a motivation to create the best yearbook to date at their schools!

The workshop will be held on the beautiful campus of St. Michaels University School in Victoria, BC, from August 20-23, 2012. Join us for a fun-filled learning experience that will help make your 2012-2013 yearbook an enjoyable and successful production. Click here to download our form:  2012 FutureBook Workshop

FutureBook Yearbooks’ 5th Anniversary!


As we look down the path that has led us here, we are truly humbled by the support our friends and family of schools have shown us. We have grown exponentially – not only from our beginnings in BC, but throughout North America.

To understand the impact we have had in our home territory alone, witness how your peers have allowed FutureBook to provide for our community:

  • $27,889 Received by charities throughout the world
  • $62,283 Provided to students as scholarships for post-secondary training
  • $160,507 Provided directly to yearbook classes for technology and photography upgrades

We would like to provide further support by partnering with your school. Keep in mind the figures represented above are in addition to any savings FutureBook may provide in comparison to your current publisher!

Tell Us Why You Love Your FutureBook Yearbook for a Chance to Win!

As a way to acknowledge this milestone we want to hear your stories! Why you love your yearbook, what it represents to you, what memories it helps you to recall, what your favorite yearbook section/page is, what your favorite yearbook cover is, or anything you want to share about your yearbook!

Submit Your Stories To: dana@futurebookyearbooks.com

*Everyone who writes in will automatically be entered into a draw for a $100 Starbucks gift card. If your words land anywhere they will be seen by eyes other than ours (hint: our website, Facebook, brochures, etc.) you will receive a $10 gift card automatically!

Contest Deadline:

*Please submit your yearbook story/experience to dana@futurebookyearbooks.com by July 1st, 2012 to be eligible. This contest is open to all individuals who have memories to share about their yearbook – students, advisors, administrators and parents are all welcome to contribute!


Creating a Polaroid using an Action in Photoshop

Although the technology is now obsolete, many enjoy the look of a polaroid photo. You can cheat and create this easily in InDesign – simply crete a white box and place it behind your photo so that it lines up similarly to how a Polaroid looks. However, it’s hard to replicate the exact look in this way.

Instead, one of our FutureBook Reps, Kevin, found an Action online that you can download here http://rawimage.deviantart.com/art/Polaroid-GENERATOR-V1-42651542

While it’s a free download created by an amateur artist, you have the opportunity to pay for the download via donation.

Using Photoshop Actions can make your job easier and help you edit your photos more quickly. Actions are nothing more than a series of normal Photoshop operations recorded so that you can run them in sequence quickly, without having to remember just what steps to do, and in what order.

Open up your photo(s) in InDesign.

Go to Window>Actions

Using the fly-out menu, chose Load Actions and locate your file.

Open the set of Actions so that you can see all the various steps.

Click on the first listing (T600 Wide Format), hold down your shift key and select the rest of the listing, to (Finish INDOOR)

Click on the play button (right arrow) listed at the bottom of the Actions window.

Sit back and watch the operations go through! At one point you may be prompted to click ‘continue.’


Are there Actions you like to use? Have you created your own action?