Real experiences from extraordinary yearbook teams

No comparison between their prints and the competition


In my 10 years as high school yearbook advisor, I have never worked with a company that has provided me with the service, quality and pricing that FutureBook has delivered.
FutureBook’s pages are THICK… and beautiful. There is no comparison between their prints and the competition. The pages are absolutely amazing quality and the print is vibrant and gorgeous. I dare any other publisher to compare products. FutureBook is less expensive and the product is better. Add in other cool things like free proofs printed on the same quality paper as the yearbook itself, unlimited cover options, and the ProofBook and you can see that FutureBook can’t be beat. I honestly think that having a ProofBook makes FutureBook better than any other publisher. Hands-down. It’s not even close.
I think that making the change to FutureBook was a terrific move for our program. Our books are simply stunning. Everything about the product is better: the construction, the printing, the quality of the cover and pages, the custom page marker… everything. And we are getting it for less money than before. Honestly, it makes zero sense to go with another publisher. We are getting the best of everything for less money. Why isn’t everyone doing that?
Mark Zarate, Adviser, Olympia High School

We can do so much more with our budget

With FutureBook, we have been able to add in many features that weren’t possible before with our budget. Perhaps the biggest difference, however, has been the hard copy proofs that we receive, including a mock-up of our whole book, cover and all, before the book went to press.
Sandra Lambe, Advisor, Johnston Heights Secondary

FutureBook is a team of passionate and caring professionals


It is a pleasure to work FutureBook Yearbooks for our school annual. FutureBook is clearly a team of passionate and caring professionals who are veterans in their field. I can see why it is that our school signed up with them when FutureBook started and why it is that we will continue to work with them.
FutureBook is a reliable partner in our yearly school annual publication adventure. They deliver proofs, materials and quotes on time and on budget. They are a pleasure to work with and come highly recommended.
DB, Magee Secondary yearbook advisor

He made the students passionate about yearbook production


As the school’s yearbook advisor, I was thoroughly impressed with Chris Mallory’s dedication, enthusiasm, creativity, and hardworking personality. I strongly believe that Belmont’s outstanding 2015-16 yearbook was the result of Chris’ exceptional support which he never failed to provide. Making the students passionate about yearbook production is one of Chris’ greatest strengths.
Modeling collegiality, Chris established a team environment that fostered collaboration and excellent work ethics. As a first-time yearbook advisor, I really appreciated Chris’ availability and disposition: he truly made the very daunting assignment of making the school yearbook very manageable and enjoyable.
Claudia Pampin, Advisor, Belmont Secondary

Exceptional quality

The final product printed for us by FutureBook is always of the highest quality, even the ProofBook that we receive prior to our final publication gives us an optimal representation. I have always found that the colour reproduction to be ideal and accurate, and the overall quality of the book to be of the highest standards.
Alyssa Reid, Advisor, Windermere Secondary

The finest printed yearbook ever in the school’s history


I have absolutely no regrets about our decision – everything that FutureBook promised, they delivered!
One of the things that made the biggest difference for us was receiving hard copy proofs on all deadlines. We also received a bound mock-up or ‘ProofBook’ of our final yearbook about a week after our final deadline pages were submitted. Being able to preview our book this way, as opposed to online proofs viewed on a computer monitor, was a huge benefit and made catching small errors much easier. We also appreciated being able to make as many proof corrections as we needed to on the dust jacket, cover, endsheets and all of the pages just six weeks before the books arrived at the school, and at no extra cost.
Burnsview Secondary has just received the finest printed yearbook ever in the school’s history, and we are already looking forward with excitement to the possibilities for next year’s book!
Shelley S, Advisor, Burnsview Secondary

I couldn’t have done it without their support


The assistance provided by FutureBook has been extremely helpful. The representatives I have worked with (Kevin Betteridge and Dana Felske) are very supportive, friendly and knowledgeable in their field. They are consistently available by phone email or text whenever we need them. They come out to our school regularly to teach lessons on Photoshop, InDesign and photography, or to meet and share ideas with yearbook staff. Having them readily available has made taking on this role much more manageable, and I’m not sure I could have done it without their support.
FutureBook also provides a wide variety of helpful resources. I have been able to use pre-made lessons on various topics such as photography skills, design and layout. Not only are these lessons a time saver for me, but they have allowed us the necessary tools to build our book with InDesign.
Last summer I had the pleasure of attending the FutureBook Summer Yearbook workshop with a student. The trip was fun and educational for both of us, and really emphasized the family-like atmosphere found at FutureBook. We were taught new skills and tricks in various yearbook programs, and were also able to collaborate with other schools, which was extremely valuable for me.
I have spoken with many other advisors who have now made the switch to FutureBook and continue to be amazed by their level of service, quality and pricing. I highly recommend using FutureBook Yearbooks as your yearbook provider, and I am sure you will have the same pleasant experience.
Jessica Bennett, Advisor, North Delta Secondary

FutureBook has been a lifesaver for me


Working with Kevin Betteridge and Future Books has been a lifesaver for me. As a first-time Yearbook Advisor, a complete novice to the whole world of publishing and presented with the problem of creating a 240-page full-colour yearbook I was absolutely petrified. With the guidance of Kevin Betteridge and an absolutely essential and fun summer camp for myself and my talented editors, the production of this year’s yearbook is one of the best that our school has seen.
Sid Akselrod, Advisor, Steveston-London Secondary

I wish I switched to FutureBook sooner


I was once skeptic of FutureBook’s offerings; they seemed too good to be true and I figured there would be hitches, so I held off making a switch. Well into my second year with FutureBook, I wish I had come aboard sooner and I can confidently say there are no reasons to terminate our relationship.
I’d like to encourage you to seriously consider publishing your school’s annual with FutureBook Yearbooks. The FutureBook representatives have always been available and have consistently come through with every request asked of them. The representatives are happy to provide classroom support (teaching and technical) and requests for option pricing are returned within a couple of days. The turnaround time for both proofs and the final book delivery is exceptional, as good as or faster than the North American publishers.
Nigel Reedman, Advisor, Vancouver Technical School

We can add camera equipment and technology for the school

We are extremely happy with FutureBook’s product, service and pricing. We continue to renew our agreement with FutureBook as they keep providing us with excellent service, a great product and the best price. I would recommend any school to consider switching to FutureBook yearbooks for their high-quality product and cost savings which we have added to our technology budget to support the yearbook program.
We switched to FutureBook to publish our yearbooks because we felt it was most beneficial for our school.
The quality was as good or better than anything we had previously done. FutureBook’s aggressive pricing would allow us to add camera equipment and technology for the yearbook class as well as for the rest of the school to use.
My yearbook teacher speaks highly of FutureBook and appreciates the ease of communication with our FutureBook representative. He also enjoys the quality of equipment he has been able to purchase, with all the money we have saved, to get the best pictures at our school functions.
John McCullough, Principal, Pinetree Secondary

You are blowin’ people’s minds

The yearbooks look amazing; the GradBoxes look amazing, the name plates look amazing. Kevin Betteridge, thank you so much for all of your hard work.  Thanks for your excellent advice and excellent work on the cover and the GradBoxes; you are blowin’ people’s minds over here.
Joe Adams, Advisor, St. Thomas More Collegiate

We were very impressed with their quality, pricing and service – it is unparalleled in the industry.


The original reason we switched to FutureBook Yearbooks was for their exceptional pricing. For years, Britannia students have had to pay high prices for yearbooks. Over time, yearbook sales began to decline, as students considered the cost too high for the product that they received. With FutureBook Yearbooks, we were able charge much lower prices for a full-colour yearbook featuring more pages, higher quality paper, a thicker cover board and many included options. Last year, we saw the highest yearbook sales in recent memory.
Over the course of the school year, we realized that FutureBook Yearbooks offered much more than just great pricing – its service was fantastic as well. Dana Felske, our representative, is a dedicated professional. Throughout the year, she would be available to visit our school, holding yearbook workshops in the classroom, dropping off files, discussing deadlines, options and any concerns. We were given professional tutorial software for Adobe InDesign, as well as sample yearbooks to peruse and browse the yearbook options available, such as foil or spot-gloss lamination. By phone and email, Dana was always available; my emails were often answered within an hour of being sent – something I really valued with the Yearbook’s tight schedule. Our school’s specific concerns and options were always remembered; in short, we felt like we were the only client of FutureBook Yearbooks.
I have had an exceptional experience working with FutureBook Yearbooks. They have made the yearbook production easier, more efficient and definitely less stressful. We were able to produce a higher quality yearbook at a lower cost to the students. I strongly recommend FutureBook Yearbooks as your publisher.
Sammy Lau, Yearbook Editor, Britannia Secondary

Our experience with FutureBook Yearbooks has been outstanding

It has been a privilege to work with such a dedicated and committed yearbook company. Our experience this year with FutureBook Yearbooks has been outstanding. FutureBook Yearbooks has been superior in book quality, delivery dates, assistance, incentives, and most importantly, in price.


The quality of this years’ book has been exceptional. It is by far, the most visually appealing book the school has ever produced. The students are excited about this book and sales have been higher than ever before.
Assistance has been very instant and the representatives at FutureBook Yearbooks have been more than willing to “go that extra mile” in order to ensure the best book possible. They have been accommodating during deadlines and have helped in making minor touch-ups to our pages. At deadline time, this is incredibly important. They have helped us so much this year!
There is no doubt in my mind that FutureBook Yearbooks is the yearbook company to go with. They exceed what they promise to do, offer a superior book, and their prices cannot be matched.
Troy Johnston, Advisor, Lake City Secondary

I was very happy with the service provided by FutureBook

I have found FutureBooks’ policies surrounding extra fees, resubmissions and deadlines to be extremely reasonable, flexible and easy to work with. The quality of printing on the final annual was excellent. Our proofs were always on time and our final shipment was delivered early. Support materials were readily available and were very useful. I was very happy with the service provided by FutureBook and will be very happy to work with them in the future.
Dean Long, Advisor, Point Grey Secondary

One of the best changes for us is that the students are now getting great experience using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop


FutureBook has helped Frank Hurt Secondary produce some of the best yearbooks this school has ever seen. One of the best changes for us is that the students are now getting great experience using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Previously, the students were using online templates and getting little design experience. I have had students flourish in yearbook and go on to more education in the design area when they graduate.
FutureBook has given us lower prices, better-looking books, and provided the students with a much better design and layout experience. When I started with FutureBook I had no yearbook experience. Dana Felske was always there by email, phone, or in person, ready to answer my many questions. The support provided by Dana and Kevin Betteridge is top-notch. They reply quickly to questions and problems and check in with me regularly. The students enjoy the visits from Kevin and Dana because when they come in they are always upbeat and positive and give the students mini-workshops on photography, Photoshop, and InDesign.
Tina Johnson, Advisor, Frank Hurt Secondary

It has been refreshing to have this much artistic license


It has been refreshing to work with FutureBook, as they have been game to try anything new we came up with. For all ideas we have had so far, in most cases the ideas were executed with a minimal difference in cost. We have made square books, landscape books, included fold-outs, onionskins, and started printing on the back of the end sheets and both sides of the slipcover. It has been refreshing to have this much artistic license, and the final product has always been impressive.
On the support side, I am also very happy with FutureBook. Dana Felske is knowledgeable and most importantly is not afraid to let you know if she needs more information to get you a correct answer. Responses from the plant have been clear and technically more helpful than what I used to get as replies from my Canada and US-based yearbook companies. As FutureBook has been growing, they have added some great talent. To date, I have been consistently impressed by the service, flexibility, options, pricing and final execution we found with FutureBook.
Rainer Mehl, Advisor, Kitsilano Secondary

Helped me pull off the impossible

Thanks Dana Felske! You’re a real pro and managed to help me pull off the impossible – kudos! Just so you know – you’re the best! Amazing customer service.
Chrissy Blok, Foothills Elementary

It is inspiring to work with a company that is willing to help us create a unique book each year


It is inspiring to work with a company that is willing to try new ideas and help us create a unique book each year. I am now in my third year with FutureBook and I continue to be more than satisfied with both their product and their service. Owners, Reid and Dana Felske, have both been a wealth of good ideas when it came to innovative ideas for layout and cover design. Their summer workshops in Victoria were both fun and informative and I would highly recommend them.
This year we have had the opportunity to work with Kevin Betteridge as our yearbook representative. Kevin’s extensive background in photography and yearbook production has made him a valuable asset to the FutureBook program. I would have no hesitation in recommending FutureBook, as I believe the quality and integrity of their service and product are second to none.
Sally Rees, Advisor, Langley Secondary

The advantages of working with InDesign over using an online layout application are enormous. There is simply no comparison

Making the move to Adobe InDesign has been a very rewarding experience both for my school’s yearbook staff and for me as well. InDesign is flexible, powerful, and opens a whole world of creative options. Moreover, once you learn the software, you can do a lot of work quickly, something vitally important in the yearbook business. The kids know the difference. In previous years, I often had my best students, the real creative geniuses, expressing frustration over the online software. This year, my best students are constantly “wow”-ing each other with their layouts. No more complaints from the kids!
The advantages of working with InDesign over using an online layout application are enormous. There is simply no comparison. I had some doubts about students’ ability to learn InDesign, and about my own ability to learn and teach it. My fears have been proven groundless. To begin with, many of my students come to my yearbook team with previous experience working with Photoshop. Since Photoshop and InDesign are both components of Adobe Creative Suite, the skills developed in one component transfer seamlessly into the other. My keen students picked up InDesign very rapidly and were soon enthusiastic about it. As for me, I used the tuition credit granted by FutureBook to take an intensive training course in InDesign: within three days, I was creating layouts I had never been able to before.
Andrew McCracken, Advisor, Notre Dame High School

FutureBook prevented our yearbook from disappearing


I would like to thank FutureBook Yearbooks for preventing the Williams Lake Secondary yearbook from disappearing. The economics of the yearbook for a small school of 700 make it difficult if not impossible to break even without subsidy. FutureBook has allowed us to make the yearbook a financially viable operation while at the same time, substantially improving the quality.
David Richardson, Advisor, Williams Lake Secondary


I have so appreciated your help with the yearbook.  Your quick responses to my emails and checking in with me has made this book a stress free process.  I will be definitely recommending FutureBook for our next yearbook.
Anita Bergsma, Advisor, Halton Hills Christian Academy


Pleased with the degree of personalization

We have been very pleased with your service and especially the degree of personalization that you offer to our staff and students.  The tree-planting program for each book we ordered was extremely well received, especially by the students at Senior School and the environmental stewardship committee.
Adrienne Davidson, St. George’s School

Best book ever


The books look awesome. Printing is top-notch, colour is sharp and accurate, and we are thoroughly pleased with the final product. High praises from staff and students, best book the school has ever produced.
Noah Choy, Advisor, Delview Secondary

Above and beyond the call of a normal yearbook company

Ok. Pressure is entirely off now.  THE BOOKS ARE HERE!!!!!! So, HUGE relief. Now I can say without reservation that FutureBook delivers what they promise, and go above and beyond the call of a normal yearbook company. The packaging of the boxes is fantastic, and the books are as promised.
Jeff Brandenburg, Advisor, Burlington Edison High School

Exceptional patience and support


I would like you to be aware Kevin Betteridge was exceptional. His patience and support throughout the school year was much appreciated by our students and myself. The finished product was far superior to all previous yearbooks. Look forward to working with you next year.
Mike Bell, Principal, WL Seaton Middle School

Commitment to acting as a true publisher

I want to say that it was a pleasure working with Dana Felske these last two years; it goes without saying that our yearbook may well have collapsed in on itself at a number of critical moments this year if she had not been around to assist us with its creation. Throughout the year, I heard nothing but positive remarks about her visits and, upon her departure on any such day, the first thing any student would ask me was repeatedly “so, when’s she coming back?” As I have heard consistently from other students involved in yearbook production at various other B.C. schools which work with FutureBook, the company’s (and especially Dana’s) commitment to acting as more than just a printer – instead, as a true publisher for our yearbook – and the resulted unparalleled level of service far exceeds that of any other yearbook companies in British Columbia.
Cole Routtenberg, Editor, Point Grey Secondary

If you have the opportunity to travel to China it will change your mind about many of the perceptions we have in the west.

What I saw of Shenzhen – (a fishing village of 20,000 people when I arrived in Canada) – across the river from Hong Kong – is a major, sprawling city with lots of high rises & beautiful skyscrapers, lots of green space, no major New York style crowds and no traffic congestion. A model city. A city designed for its population size – unlike most major cities. Apparently, there are many large densely populated urban areas that are being rapidly developed around China – mostly in the past 10 years. There is a lot of money on show. Nearly 30 million live in the region.
I visited a publishing business in a secure site that provides accommodation and meals for their workers who have moved from the country to find work. Ages range from 18-25, workdays include a 1.5 hr lunch break, where the entire plant and offices shut down and lights are turned off for those who want to take a nap.
The yearbook proofing and preproduction facility uses the same Adobe software we do and it was interesting to meet the people we communicate with online.
If I send proofs to our Canadian pre-press in Toronto on a Thursday I have printed copies from China in my hands the following Wednesday. FutureBook states proofs will return within two weeks, and to date we have not had this long of a turn-around. I have never had such quick service in the years I have been involved with yearbook production.
Many jobs are quite manual but I was impressed by the level of technology that was able to produce outstanding results. Every title of every print run is proofed for production errors and rejects are then weighed to help QC determine problems.
While reviewing the boardroom in one of the publishing firms with a gallery of published titles I came across one of my current textbooks for drafting backyard decks!


When asked what the trends in publishing are, our guide showed us many examples of European and Asian binding and display styles but concluded that whatever the client comes up with they will accommodate.
I also visited an electronics firm that at that time was developing a prototype for FutureBook – now known as the FutureBook MovieBook. Most of the production was entirely in-house from prototype design to finished product. The current production was making PC Tablets – using pick-and-place robotic component placement and ultra-clean, no talking work areas; very impressive. The manager’s current project was trying to develop an iPhone style phone for Samsung.
If you have the opportunity to travel to China it will change your mind about many of the perceptions we have in the west. It is changing fast and we often run out the same worn-out diatribes about it – mostly about pollution and jobs – but it is a rapidly emerging international giant that has boomed fast and it is fascinating to see some of that expansion first hand. The old and the new are juxtaposed.
Thanks to FutureBook Yearbooks and particularly Dana Felske for this wonderful opportunity to visit a production plant and for being a gracious host and travelling companion.
David Reeves, Advisor, Correlieu Secondary School