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Summer Campers warmed up for the new season

FutureBook hosts camps and workshops during summer and fall months to kickstart creativity and yearbook training. The largest workshop, taking place over three days at St. Michaels University School, in Victoria, BC, recently wrapped up. It was the warmest camp on record, with temperatures reaching up to 32 degrees! Plenty of cold water, a raucous game of Chuck the Chicken and a refreshing auditorium helped to keep the students cool.

Photo courtesy of Sid Akselrod

Photo courtesy of Sid Akselrod

“Throughout the camp, the students were challenged to bring together the ideas and techniques the they learned and create their own layout. It was also an opportunity for students to meet new people and get inspired from what other schools have done. It goes without saying that the three days were not only filled with work but also excitement!” Joanna Zhang, Vancouver Technical

Adobe InDesign training was the focus of this workshop, but education was rounded out with copywriting, file management, deadline scheduling, infographic creation, photoshop manipulation and much more. Some students and advisors return to the summer camp yearly to freshen their skills, while others are just joining a yearbook staff for the first time. As always, the evolution in skills and design the campers show in only a few days is incredible. This is certainly thanks to passionate and amazing yearbook advisors: Rainer Mehl from Kitsilano Secondary, Noah Choy from Delview Secondary and Nigel Reedman from Vancouver Technical all helped to provide training and expertise during the camp.

We love seeing the camaraderie as yearbook staffs unite from all different schools and cities. Whether they’re swapping stories over a glass of chocolate milk in the Hogwarts-esque dinning hall, getting a taste of college life rooming in dorms, busting a gut watching their peers get called into a improv show, the camp really allows for a journey of discovery for future editors.

“I went to the yearbook camp in 2015 and 2016, and it has been a blast! From the lectures, classes, taking photos and even messing around in the dorm room; the whole experience was amazing and it’s going to be disappointing when I’m graduated and don’t get to come back!” Brooke Vibert, Brookswood Secondary

View student layouts here:

View student photos here:


Photo courtesy of Sid Akselrod

Photo courtesy of Sid Akselrod




Come join us at our 2014 yearbook summer workshop!

Crew from FutureBook Summer Yearbook Workshop 2013

Crew from FutureBook Summer Yearbook Workshop 2013

So, you’re thinking of joining us for FutureBook’s 5th Annual 3-day Yearbook Summer Workshop. Smart thinking!

If you are a student, some of the likely reasons you are wanting to join us are to:

  • learn industry software skills, which could lead you to a new career or help you to get a cool job.
  • learn design theory and skills which can apply to anything creative you will do.
  • learn so much about making a yearbook that you will feel empowered rather than intimidated in the school year, thereby meeting deadlines and making the process more fun and less stressful.
  • meet like-minded students, make friends, share ideas, and build networks for yourself that can help you throughout your education and careers.
  • learn new things that your yearbook teacher or advisor might not focus on in the school year.
  • enjoy the perfect segue in between fun summer and studious fall: it’s a mix of both!
  • a chance to win prizes!

If you’re an advisor, some of the likely reasons you are wanting to join us are to:

  • learn industry software skills to nicely flesh out your superhero teacher status.
  • learn design theory and skills which can apply to anything creative you will do.
  • share ideas with other yearbook advisors on how to teach classes or run a yearbook programme.
  • network with people in your field.
  • find new ideas and get ramped up for the new school year, with great plans in place to keep on target, making yearbooking more fun than stressful.
FutureBook Yearbook Summer Workshop 2013

Photography at St. Michaels University School campus, FutureBook Summer Yearbook Workshop 2013

Our focus will be to produce one double-page spread and one photograph to enter our layout and photography contests. The winning student entries will be chosen by the course instructors, who will pick three layout winners and one photo winner with a honourable mention or two. First place prizes are valued at around $200!

In order to make an award-winning spread, we will show beginners and advanced users how to use InDesign (or Scribus or FutureBook’s yearbook program, if that’s what you’ll be using in the year), we will show you advanced PhotoShop skills, how to set up portrait pages, how to use colour and typography in savvy and design-current ways, how to take and edit great photos, and of course we will show you how to organize and manage the entire project that is yearbooking. You’ll learn all terminology related to yearbooks and printing.

FutureBook yearbook covers

Learn skills to help you make FutureBook covers like this!

Sleeping at St. Michaels University School’s charming campus for two nights will be fun and comfortable, with bright and spacious rooms for two, with a shared private bathroom. Each yearbook workshop guest will enjoy three healthy meals a day plus snacks, with vegetarian options and accommodations made for wheat or dairy allergies. Please let us know in advance if you will be needing accommodations, so that we can best plan some tasty meals for you.

Any non-Victoria-located yearbook workshop guests will be picked up from the ferries.

For more information about any aspect of FutureBook’s summer yearbook workshop, please contact Kevin Betteridge at 778-926-3292 or by email at

Kevin Betteridge

Kevin workin’ that camera


Also, please download and print off the enrolment form  so that we can secure your spot right away!

See you there!

2013 Yearbook Workshop

FutureBook Yearbooks is pleased to announce that we will be hosting our fourth annual summer yearbook workshop this August 18-21 at St. Michaels University School in Victoria, BC. Over the four days, staff yearbook advisors and student editors alike will be fully immersed in all aspects of yearbook planning and production in a relaxed, informal setting. Topics that will be covered include: yearbook theme, staff organization, layout and design, digital imaging and photography. Participants will have the opportunity to compete for exciting prizes in our annual layout and design contest, and also enjoy some fun social activities in the evenings. So mark it on your calendar and join us in Victoria this August for four fun-filled instructional days that will help you “hit the ground running” with your yearbook in September. See you there!

For a registration form or more information, please contact Kevin,


Registration is open for FutureBook’s 2012 Summer Workshop!

How would you like to stimulate your ideas for your 2013 yearbook? Are you just starting out with yearbook, or are looking to network and expand your existing knowledge? Register for FutureBook’s annual summer workshop today!

The 2012 FutureBook Summer Yearbook Workshop is a comprehensive, four-day seminar that will cover all aspects of yearbook planning and production. Participants will receive high quality training from industry professionals, and leave the workshop equipped with new computer skills, fresh ideas and a motivation to create the best yearbook to date at their schools!

The workshop will be held on the beautiful campus of St. Michaels University School in Victoria, BC, from August 20-23, 2012. Join us for a fun-filled learning experience that will help make your 2012-2013 yearbook an enjoyable and successful production. Click here to download our form:  2012 FutureBook Workshop

The Countdown is on… and some education has already begun!

Whew, what a summer! We’re at the tail end, with many administrators and teachers already back in their schools to get the year going. I can just picture students flocking to the beaches, the hills, the PNE and other favorite spots where they can enjoy these last full days of sun. Many are wrapping up summer jobs, or at least stockpiling the hours so that they can slow down to hit the books.

An eager group of yearbook students and advisors recently did just that at FutureBook’s annual Summer Workshop at St Michael’s University School in Victoria, BC. We had an intense yet exciting four-day workshop that culminated in some fantastic layouts and photos – not to mention friendships, new skills and a few laughs! Yearbook enthusiasts from Prince


George, Sa-Hali, Cambie, Vancouver Technical, Langley, Belmont and more joined forces to learn some new skills and hear from experienced advisors such as Rainer Mehl from Kitsilano and Rick Pelletier, recently retired from Delta. From key layout rules to FutureTools, working in RAW to choosing cover options, students were laden with a large amount of knowledge and resources to help get their yearbook off on the right foot. We threw in some fun and games, with Regis Feltpen making an appearance, and the fun acts of Morgan Cranny and his improv group.

It was an exciting time as we saw some hidden talent come to light in many cases, while others perfected their designs even further. Head to our Facebook page for a list of our winners – not only did they earn the respect of their peers, they took home some coveted prizes such as Canuck tickets and speaker systems!

In the weeks to come we will share many of those tips and tricks from the workshop, both in the classroom but also here on our blog. If you attended the workshop, we would love your feedback and photos if you would like to share the wealth!