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Video yearbooks: the future of school yearbooks is here

Video yearbooks? What took so long, you might be wondering. Well, actually, video yearbooks have been around for a couple of years, pioneered by FutureBook in 2012. But this year, we made some great improvements!

moviebook video yearbook ladysmith
The slim new 2″x 3″ video yearbook features the video player embedded into the cover—front or back, your choice—and flush with the cover, seamlessly blending into the endsheet. It has three video “channels,” a mini SD card, a lithium rechargeable battery, a wee cord to recharge the battery and an earphone jack.

Here’s why this is so cool:

  • You know that yearbook deadlines fall in April for books delivered in June, right? Well, the SD cards ship separately. This means that you can film your grad ceremony, upload it to the SD card, and when the yearbooks arrive, pop that SD card into the books and distribute them with the ENTIRE school year represented in the yearbook. Pretty amazing.
  • Schools can load the three “channels” with three different videos—say, a sports highlights reel, a theatre or dance performance and the grad ceremony—or, students can upload their own videos on their own home computer.
  • An easily accessible battery that’s rechargeable (and replaceable) means that your children will be able to watch your high school videos. Who knows if YouTube or Facebook will exist in their current iterations with your videos uploaded, in twenty years? Having a self-sufficient video player means that as long as you have your yearbook (in a dry, safe place), you’ll have the audio and video, too. It’s nice to have all your memorabilia contained in one place.*
  • The sound quality on the video yearbook is pretty great. For an even better experience, plug in some great earphones and get lost in nostalgia!

Video yearbooks are accessible for every school. Contact us at 1-877-855-2665 or email us at to find out how your school can receive its own yearbook worthy of the future!

*To further compartmentalize and protect your memories, add a magnetic-closure name-plated GradBox to your order (another feature only available through FutureBook). It can contain your video yearbook, photos, grad cap and diploma, keeping them all safe and organized for generations. It can even contain your video player, shown in this design for Andrews High School in Texas:

grad box video yearbook


Registration is open for FutureBook’s 2012 Summer Workshop!

How would you like to stimulate your ideas for your 2013 yearbook? Are you just starting out with yearbook, or are looking to network and expand your existing knowledge? Register for FutureBook’s annual summer workshop today!

The 2012 FutureBook Summer Yearbook Workshop is a comprehensive, four-day seminar that will cover all aspects of yearbook planning and production. Participants will receive high quality training from industry professionals, and leave the workshop equipped with new computer skills, fresh ideas and a motivation to create the best yearbook to date at their schools!

The workshop will be held on the beautiful campus of St. Michaels University School in Victoria, BC, from August 20-23, 2012. Join us for a fun-filled learning experience that will help make your 2012-2013 yearbook an enjoyable and successful production. Click here to download our form:  2012 FutureBook Workshop

Your theme or concept; have you chosen one that is powerful and all-encompassing?

Wow, where has this first month gone? The hustle and bustle of a new year is underway, and it’s almost the end of September already. I know that you’ve been busy getting organized, juggling classes and activities, and simply settling in.


It has been an exciting month at FutureBook Yearbooks as well. It is always fun for us at this time of the year. We get to meet new yearbook advisors and students, hearing their fresh and creative ideas. We catch up with returning advisors and students, hearing about their summer months, learning about their thoughts on the upcoming year, and devising action plans. In particular, we have a great time hearing about thoughts and expectations for the yearbook. I’ve run across some interesting themes so far… A 2012 ‘End of the World’ perspective, Pop Art, Contrast vs. Colour, Monopoly, and more.


Many yearbook groups are still brainstorming themes and concepts of a book. For that reason, I’ve included a document here with many ideas. Feel free to download and print it off for your own use. Yearbook Themes


Keep in mind a theme for your yearbook is not necessary. You can also chose a ‘look,’ or a concept that will run throughout your book and tie it all together. What is the difference? The approaches are blurred, and often run into each other, but here is a basic idea:


  • A theme is a unifying concept that focuses on a particular entity. Whether a word, a concept or object, elements of this are evident in all aspects of the book. The expectation is that the chosen theme already comes with it’s own set of colours, styles, popular sayings, graphics and overall connotations. In essence, the theme has a literal translation. The theme is carried out trough the text, photos, and layout designs on every page of the yearbook, as well as the cover, dust jacket, endsheets and dividers to create unity.


  • Modeling a yearbook on a concept is similar in that it is evident in all aspects of the book. The difference is that there is less of an established formula associated with it. Folios, headlines, backgrounds, image frames, graphics and text styles should all play nicely with each other. But the concept is devised by the group, rather than on a set rule, even if modeled after similar uses of the look in other places.


The overall concept or themes should be specific to one year at one school; even if the theme itself is somewhat generic, it should be used in a way that is unique. Once you have chosen the theme, you will need to brainstorm ways to incorporate it throughout the book, both verbally and visually. It’s important that the main idea is strong and that the impact is clear to the readers. Remember that it is the development of the overall look of the book that wields the most power and impact.